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The Bataan Memorial Death March is on March 25, 2018!

  • Teams must consist of 5 members, no more, no less.
  • For military personnel that wish to march as a team. All participants must march in uniform.
  • All team members must have minimum of 35 pounds in their rucksacks/backpacks.
  • All team members must cross finish line within 20 seconds of each other.
  • Show your Unit pride and participation by contributing your Unit coin to Bataan.

Bataan Safety Tips

Your safety is important to us! We recommend downloading and studying-up on our Safety Tips carefully before the march. Click the link to download the PDF.

Safety Tips

Below you will find information on the most frequently asked about topics.

Light vs. Heavy
Civilian vs. Military
Registration Rules
Registration Changes
Food Donations

What Is the Difference Between Light and Heavy Divisions?

If entered into a light division, participants are not required to carry a 35-pound pack during the march. If entered into a heavy division participants are required to carry a 35-pound pack during the march. If a team is registered in a heavy division, all team members must comply to the 35-pound pack rule.

What Is the Difference Between Civilian and Military Divisions?

Only participants with a valid military ID can register into military divisions. Participants entered into military divisions must wear their military uniforms. Retired military may enter the military divisions, but participants must be in accordance with current military uniform standards.

Military participants who do not want to wear their uniform during the march are welcome to register into the civilian division. Any civilian is welcome to register into the civilian division.

Registration Rules

  • Any changes to registration can ONLY be done during in-processing on 23 or 24 March.
    Any changes to registration will incur a $50 fee.
  • ALL Marchers (Individuals, teams & honorary) receive T-shirt, commemorative dog tag, certificate of participation, drawstring sports bag and post event meal.
  • No packet pick up the day of the march. You will receive ONLY a bib with a chip attached. If you do not have this chip or a bib you can NOT do the march. If you do not have a bib you will be removed from the course by security.
  • Refunds will NOT be authorized once registered.
  • You can NOT start the course if you arrive late. Be sure you are in the lineup for the opening ceremony at 6:35 a.m., NO EXCEPTIONS for late starters.
  • When you arrive at White Sands Missile Range please allow extra time while at the gate because of security procedures. All vehicles are subject to search. Be prepared to show photo identification, vehicle registration and proof of insurance (or rental car contract). We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Registration Changes

Changes may ONLY be made during in-processing/packet pickup Friday, March 23 or Saturday, March 24. All fees must be paid at that time.

There will be a $50 fee for any changes made to any registration. This includes:

  • Change to team members
  • Transfer of a bib number from one individual to another. This also requires a confirmation number
  • Converting a team to 5 individuals (change fee applies to each individual)
  • Switching from one category to another. Also switching from full to honorary and vice versa.
  • Changing an individual registration into a team registration will not be accepted at in-processing. In the event that you have registered individually and would like to form a team instead, you must forfeit your individual registration and re-register your team. You will NOT receive a refund for the individual registration and must also pay the team registration fee. THIS MAY ONLY BE DONE PRIOR TO THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are Hi Tech boots allowed?
A. Yes. They are encouraged to help prevent foot injuries.

Q. Is water and first aid available along the route?
A. There are 12 water points along the route. There are also several first aid stations.

Q. Are there portable toilets along the route?
A. There are 180 portable toilets along the route. We do suggest that you bring a bottle of hand sanitizer and/or baby wipes.

Q. How old must you be to participate?
A. Minimum age to participate is 9 years old providing the individual is registered and marching with a parent/guardian or a member of the family who is 18 years or older.

Q. Are strollers allowed on the route?
A. No. This includes jogging and baby strollers.

Q. Are pets allowed on the route?
A. No. Pets are not permitted on the course or at the march site. Exceptions are made for working dogs.

Q. What is the maximum time allowed to complete the march?
A. ALL marchers must be off the route at 8:00 p.m.


Q. Do I have to wear a uniform if I’m entering a military category?
A. Yes, participants in military categories must be in a uniform that is in accordance with current military uniform standards.

Q. Are BDU shorts allowed in the military categories?
A. No. Although several services have theater specific provisions for the wearing of BDU-type shorts, they are not allowed in the military categories.

Q. Can I use a CamelBak instead of the LBE with a canteen?
A. Yes. Military participants may carry either the LBE with a minimum of one canteen or the CamelBak instead of the LBE with canteen.

Q. Are desert BDUs authorized on the march?
A. Yes. Official issue desert style BDUs are authorized, and encouraged, to help prevent heat injuries.

Q. Can I contribute my Unit coin to Bataan?
A.Yes. You can show your Unit pride and participation by contributing your Unit coin to Bataan. A specially designed coin rack will be displayed with all of the donated unit coins during in-processing. After Bataan, the coins and coin rack will be moved to the White Sands Missile Range Museum where they will be displayed in the special Bataan Memorial Death March section of the museum.

Q. For JROTC/ROTC entries in the team categories, may the instructors march with the cadets as a team member?
A. Yes. Any JROTC/ROTC instructor assigned to the entered unit’s team may enter with the team and march as a member of that team.

Q. Can retired military enter the military divisions?
A. Yes, as long as you are able to be in accordance with current military uniform standards.

Heavy Division

Q. What is the weight limit for the heavy divisions?
A. Ruck plus frame must equal 35 lbs.

Q. What is an acceptable way to reach the 35 lbs for my backpack?
A. For the heavy category, we would like to encourage you to bring beans, rice, non perishable items, cans, macaroni, pasta, cat/dog food to use as weight in you backpack. At the conclusion for the march, you can drop your items in the bin and it will be donated to the Community Action Agency Food Bank. You may not pack logs, water, rocks, sand, or anything that can be replenished along the route.


Q. What are the requirements for entering the team categories?
A. Teams must consist of 5 members – no more, no less. All members must cross the finish line within 20 seconds of each other.

Q. Do all team members need to attend packet pickup?
A. Only the team captain/representative is required to pick up packet

Q. Is there a team category for the 14.2 mile route?
A. No.

Helping Out the Community

If you are registered to march in a heavy division, you are required to carry 35 pounds in your backpack. Please consider using food to use as weight in your backpack: beans, rice, nonperishable items, cans, macaroni, pasta, etc. You will be able to donate this food for a good cause when you reach the finish line.

Roadrunner Food Bank is the largest food bank in New Mexico, and with food donations from food drives, such as the one at Bataan Memorial Death March, Roadrunner is able to provide food to the six counties they serve in Southern New Mexico out of the Las Cruces branch.

In Southern New Mexico, Roadrunner Food Bank Provides over 400,000 pounds of food each month to churches, food pantries, homeless shelters, group homes, and victims of domestic violence. In addition, Roadrunner supplies food to individuals facing an emergency crisis, such as fire, loss of employment, victims of violent crimes, or any natural disaster. Those of you traveling, who are authorized commissary privileges can purchase these items at the White Sands Commissary or local grocery store once you arrive which will allow you to save on packing extra weight in your suitcases.

For more information relating to the march and your category visit our Rules page and our FAQs page.