Registering for the Virtual Bataan Memorial Death March
Click on the register button and you will be directed to our external race partner “It’s Your Race” to complete your registration. From there you will choose to participate in the virtual full march (26.2) or the virtual honorary march (14.2). Download the It’s Your Race (IYR) Virtual Mobile App to your mobile device. This app will automatically track your pace, distance, overall time and recognize the race distance that you registered for. The app will notify you and automatically stop your session at the appropriate distance.

Participating in the Virtual Bataan Memorial Death March


When you are ready to start your selected distance, open the It’s Your Race Virtual Mobile app and search for “Virtual Bataan Memorial Death March”. Click on the “Ready For My Race” button when prompted. The app will automatically detect the email address that you are logged in with and compare it to the registrations for the march. Select the race distance that you registered for, the app will pull your registration for the event. Each person must have their own individual mobile device and each individual MUST register under their own email address. Multiple people cannot register under the same email address and use same mobile device. When you are ready to begin your march select the “Start Race” button at the bottom, a count down of 5 seconds will begin. You will receive notifications from your mobile device to allow motion/fitness activity and to allow GPS. ALL permissions MUST be allowed for tracking purposes. Begin your Virtual Bataan Memorial Death March experience.

When you’ve reached the exact distance, you will get a notification your march is complete and the app will automatically send your results to the events results page.

*NOTE* If for any reason you need to cancel your march once you’ve started, completely close out the app and it will wipe out your session, the app will NOT save your progress to continue at a later time. When you restart the app you can begin your march again. Please remember to check your local regulations to see where you can and can’t run/march/ruck at this time, and remember to social distance!