Difference Between Light and Heavy Divisions

If entered into a light division, participants are not required to carry a 35-pound pack during the march. If entered into a heavy division participants are required to carry a 35-pound pack during the march. If a team is registered in a heavy division, all team members must comply to the 35-pound pack rule.

Difference Between Civilian and Military Divisions

Only participants with a valid military ID can register into military divisions. Participants entered into military divisions must wear their military uniforms. Retired military may enter the military divisions, but participants must be in accordance with current military uniform standards.

Military participants who do not want to wear their uniform during the march are welcome to register into the civilian division. Any civilian is welcome to register into the civilian division.

ALL marchers will receive a post Bataan marcher meal located inside the Frontier Club next to the finish line.

Registration Rules

No On-site Registration!

  • No packet pick up the day of the march. You MUST pick up your packet and bib during our packet pick up dates. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not have a bib you can NOT do the march. If you do not have a bib you will be removed from the course by security.
  • Refunds will NOT be authorized once registered nor will they be issued due to inclement weather or cancellation of the march. Specific situations such as military deployment or medical emergency will be taken into consideration, however the individual must contact us directly and provide appropriate documentation.
  • You can NOT start the course if you arrive late. Be sure you are in your appropriate wave for the opening ceremony at 6:30 a.m., NO EXCEPTIONS for late starters.
  • When you  arrive at White Sands Missile Range please allow extra time while at the gate because of security procedures. All vehicles are subject to search. Be prepared to show photo identification, vehicle registration and proof of insurance (or rental car contract). We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Registration Changes

Registration Changes

After March 7th, changes may ONLY be made during packet pickup. All fees must be paid at that time.

There will be a $100 fee for converting a team registration to 5 individual registrations after March 7th.

There will be a $50 fee for any changes made to individual registrations after March 7th. This includes:

  • Change to team members.
  • Transfer of a bib number from one individual to another. This also requires a confirmation number.
  • Changing an individual registration into a team registration will not be accepted at packet pickup. In the event that you have registered individually and would like to form a team instead, you must forfeit your individual registration and re-register your team. You will NOT receive a refund for the individual registration and must also pay the team registration fee. THIS MAY ONLY BE DONE PRIOR TO THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE.

Registration Prices

No walk-in registration will be taken at Family & MWR facilities. You must register online.  All marchers MUST pre-register!

Mail-in registrations will not be accepted for the Bataan Memorial Death March (Exceptions will apply in cases where payment must be made with a purchase order.  In this event, please contact us via for mail-in forms and information.  Must be postmarked NLT 18 February 2022).

Early Bird Team Registration: $450

Early Bird Individual Registration:$95

Early Bird Honorary Registration: $95

The Procrastinator Team Registration: $500

The Procrastinator Individual Registration: $110

The Procrastinator Honorary Registration: $110

Any Minute Now… Team Registration: $600

Any Minute Now… Individual Registration: $125

Any Minute Now… Honorary Registration: $125